So What
December 7, 2017

Regret more often comes from things you didn't or won't do.

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The Stairway
December 5, 2017

As you look around at your team, you might find that not everyone is advancing as quickly as others.

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Do Different, Make More
November 30, 2017

The same way doesn't result in bigger and bigger gains. We know it from experience and yet we somehow are surprised when it happens.

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Grow Your Business

Every CEO, CFO, business owner and sales rep wants to know one thing: How Can I Grow My Business?

People who run businesses are interested in how to turn their fledgling company into a powerhouse – or, at minimum, successful enough to comfortably support their families and fulfill their passion to be self-employed. Shaun is a naturally gifted people-person who enjoys listening to others talk about their passions and their business, and loves to help others be successful. Inspired by his passion for helping others, Shaun himself has flourished into a highly successful sales leader and presents his down-to-earth, straightforward guide to help you be successful in growing your business.

"There is nothing contrived about this book. You will read that you need to be 'ready to give' in order to receive. That's just Shaun being Shaun, because he lives those values each and every single day. This book will teach you how to get more by giving—but only if you are ready to see yourself in that red convertible . . ."

Paul Batz
Expert in Personal Leadership, Executive Coach,
Professional Speaker and Author