Yes, and…

September 19, 2017

Yes, and...

Reshaping your instincts to correct or disagree can lead to far more productive discussions than being the smartest person and right all the time.

Take all the times you've said no to someone in the last year and proceeded to "educate" them and all the times you've said yeah, but... and add them together. It's probably going to add up to a big number.

No and yeah, but...both are heard and mean no you don't agree to the person hearing them. Worse, if depending on their disposition, it might mean you don't like them or don't value what they have to say.

Think of ways your more recent conversations could have gone by replacing either "no" or "yeah, but" with "yes, and..."

"Sounds impossible or unworkable, yes, and I really think you can do it."

Even a point that you don't agree with can be brought out further and discussed with "yes, and where did you come across that information," or "yes that's interesting, and have you thought about or investigated this aspect?"

"Yes, and" can be a powerful ally to build a bridge when "no" and "yeah, but" are show stoppers!

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