One More Meeting

January 11, 2018

One More Meeting

Professional service jobs and sales in particular are made up of a series of setting meetings, preparing for meetings, showing up for meetings, discovering, presenting, debriefing, and following up from previous meetings to set the next meeting.

That's a lot of meetings. Then we end our lives usually with an even bigger gathering or meeting that we are the star but don't attend in person, our funeral.

Odd, that the culmination of a life of meetings is a giant meeting or gathering.

Interesting thing about a funeral is it encompasses many of the rituals that meetings take on and if you're good at running them leave people in the same state.

Funerals are full of emotions, fear, sadness, triumph, joy, humor, sometimes greed, surprises, sharing and leave people rung out knowing they connected with each other.

Presentation meetings can't have the same connection you would share after knowing someone for a lifetime. They can include stories and elicit emotions that are unexpected and draw people closer.

Meetings without emotion are a waste of time. Put feeling into your meetings or don't have them.

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