January 23, 2018


Work can be a very long four letter word. It's easy to let it creep into our personal lives and let it detract from our family and friend relationships.

When you're a kid, it was torture to sit down and pull yourself away from playing, watching
TV, or whatever you were doing to be ready for the dreaded assignment.

In some people it even creates a roadblock to learning in their adult lives. So much so that they can't even explain why they don't read or explore things they are curious about.

For the fortunate the difference between homework or education and learning is that now, as an adult, you have the freedom to learn, grow, and discover whatever you're interested in.

The difference between the homework or doing tasks related to your assignments at work and investing energy in discovery are monumental.

The very best home work is the investment in time, energy, and money on things that excite your future thinking and growth.

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