The C Suite

January 25, 2018

The C Suite

Enter at your own risk!

In sales it can be natural to be a little nervous when you're calling on the C-Suite.

Finally you've got the appointment set with the "decision maker" after making it through the gauntlet of gatekeepers and underlings. It makes sense you build it up in your mind and preparation.

Now take a deep breath and remember something. There is a good chance the underling you think isn't making the decision actually has the authority to do it and what they are looking for is the validation from the C-Suite that they are on the right track.

In consultative selling, orders and directives get passed down and shuffled out all the time. Depending on the technical skill and personality of the person you're dealing with their need for validation will vary.

A way to ask them about this is to probe where the assignment came from and what their previous experience is in purchasing this type of service. You can even ask what was the actual framework of the assignment. You might find out it was to choose or in some cases be the information gatherer not the decider. It will give you clues to how to approach the next phase of the sale as you proceed.

Don't get overwhelmed with the C-Suite get prepared.

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