Some Assembly Required

February 1, 2018

Some Assembly Required

Children should come with warning labels, such as; will cause sleepless nights, bring all sorts of illnesses, stinky things, potentially hazardous materials, assorted mayhem, and the following disclosure in capital letters:


Even the "perfect" child still has some assembly required. It's our duty and charge to prepare them for each progressive step along the way. We're scared to death and relish the journey.

I'm not suggesting that you or your coworkers and/or employees areĀ children but I can guarantee that you and them have some assembly required.

This happens as we grow learn and share successes and learning opportunities together.

For anyone who has children you know exactly what I mean.

In the best scenarios they're assembling us into better leaders, mentors, friends and professionals as we're assembling them into their best selves.

Find to right tools together to make your assembly andĀ build something great!

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