Eating Out

February 8, 2018

Eating Out

Being pampered and taken care of is good for you if you open your senses to what's happening around you.

Don't get me wrong, if you enjoy it as one of your pleasures from life it can be good to just let it bring you waves of joy and comfort.

It's even better when you take notice of the various surrounding sights, sounds, textures, attitudes, and if they are in alignment with your purpose for being there.

For instance a good breakfast joint for you and your golf buddies might not be a place you bring a job candidate, a NY Steakhouse great for a trip when you're visiting a city or taking clients to celebrate doing business probably not so great with your nineteen year old intern, a gelato stand by the lake on a summer day a great place to stop on a bike ride, and not so much a place to meet a prospect.

Anyway you get the idea. This matters as you think about your business, where you want it to grow and what you look like to the world.

If I own Falafel House and have the world's best Manhattan clam chowder how would anyone know that or find me?

If it's your intention to reshape your business and future to fit the customer tastes and preferences of tomorrow, not today, perhaps it's important for you to zero in on the messages you're sending the world with how you look to them.

Make your changes to fit where you are going not where you've already been.

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