February 20, 2018


We have gargantuan appetites!

We are obese and getting bigger all the time. Oh I don't mean our waist sizes, we'll leave that to the nutritionists and doctors to figure out, although I do think it's a very real signal.

We've fattened up on every imaginable thing we can fathom. Choice after choice after choice and thing after thing after thing. It's as if we can't help ourselves from gorging on an endless array of foods, material things, media, and eventually it often overwhelms us.

It leaves us feeling that if we don't keep up, we're letting someone down. Either ourselves, our families, our bosses, or some other imagined "other" we're doing it for.

Reasons and emotions for doing that are based on stuff rather than purpose, and are the foundations of lust and greed. They are rarely sustainable or meaningful.

Filter through that and you'll find the energy and purpose to focus on what's important, not just what you can buy.

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