Set the Mood

February 22, 2018

Set the Mood

Restaurants set lighting to convey their place in the market. Some include big screen TV's, candles, period piece artworks, or distinctive features to change your frame of mind and space.

Finding ways to reset the people you're meeting with is a crucial step in shaking them loose from whatever they were working on before they stepped into the room and in them being open to the story you can write for them.

It's challenging enough to help them see a better way. Resetting the mood is an important first step in the journey.

Saying it and doing it will take on its own shape for you and your niche. Looking and sounding exactly like your competitor will not do it and neither will being someone other than yourself.

Being yourself in a surprising way or a magnified way can perhaps be the hook that has them paying closer attention.

Try and zero in on the beginning of a presentation and capture the setting in a new or interesting way.

Repeat your theme or setting in different words as you're approaching the close to your meeting with a call for something better, something you can provide.

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