Causal Thinking

March 8, 2018

Causal Thinking

We like to tie things together. Our minds are crafty and fill in the blanks of information that we don't have with the biases and "data" that may or may not be true.

It's important because it's exactly what the people we are meeting with are doing as well.

You may be describing all the awesome things your company will do for them and they're thinking consciously or unconsciously that it sounds like more work for them. That's bad and will cause them to shut down and not hire you.

Your title or how you show up does a similar thing. It's why differentiation is so critical. The more you look, act and sound like something they already have the less likely they'll make a change. They already have that, they don't want to have to tackle the unpleasantness of thinking and even worse telling someone they are fired. It causes them to take on the negative feelings for the person they have to fire. It takes more to do that, than to hire you.

Think of what links you're triggering in your communications and you'll be a lot closer to adding customers.

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