Ms - phone and chains

May 1, 2018

Mr - phone and chains

Are you reading this on your phone?

There's a good chance you are and isn't that fantastic.

We've gone from worrying about how much a long distance call would cost to the world delivered, with entertainment, information, emails, and a good portion of our ever increasing daily intake of content coming through our phone.

Three questions;

If you forgot your phone at home how long do you think it would be before you realized it?

How far away would you have to be to not go back and get it?

How often do you leave your phone at home now?

I'm not suggesting you do. What you may consider is who's running who? Is the phone in charge of our lives or are we?

Unplugging for yoga, reading a book, playing a game, talking with friends face to face, client meetings, and other things you would say matter can be thoughtful and let our hearts and minds refocus on what's possible.

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