Too Little Too Late

May 3, 2018

Too Little Too Late

Customers make changes as sure as the sun comes up and the wind blows.

Sometimes it's true that you've done everything you can for them, extended value and kindness to them until your final day together. It happens, people move, people die, people sell their businesses, and other assorted things that lead to the end of you working together.

More often, you've missed opportunities to give by asking more questions, keeping up with their direction and changes, not following through on promises, and taking them for granted.

When you realize it you rush to defensiveness or scurry to fix it and promise to do better.

That doesn't normally work because they wanted to stay with you in the first place and you eroded their trust.

It may very well be Too Little Too Late - for this time.

When you're learning your lessons from that, take a step back and ask yourself which current customer will leave next if you don't learn your lessons from this one?

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