The Bookkeeper

May 8, 2018

The Bookkeeper

There are people in the world that have a hard time expressing how good, kind, gracious, and abundant their lives are that can tell you in minute detail every grievance and bad thing that has happened to them since they were two years old.

They remember if their cousin took their bubblegum from them in the third grade and whether their brother got more cereal than they did growing up.

It's in your best interest to stay as far away from these people as you can.

If you are not this extreme and still recognize a few of these traits in yourself maybe it's time to shift your mindset.

The habits that seem to cling to us the hardest are the challenging obstacles that we recognize and still have a hard time reconfiguring.

Take a whirl at being a bookkeeper of abundance. Your treasures, your loving relationships, your health, your brains, and your freedom to grow, continuing learning, and be more.

Shifting the tabulation from the doom, gloom, and grievances to gratitude, wonder, and grace can fill your life with joy!

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