After Lunch

May 10, 2018

After Lunch

People tend to build their schedules around meal time unless they have little babies then they do it around nap time.

The demise of the family dinner has been greatly exaggerated so says research in every state. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, 88% of families still eat dinner/supper together in the U.S.

Mealtime is clearly still valued with family. At the same time a pinch is being squeezed on lunch breaks that you can use to get real time and attention from your customers and prospects.

According to Right Management in an article from the Washington Post, fewer than 20% step away for a noonday meal and 39% eat on the fly at their desk.

Whether the stats are exactly right or not, they still illustrate that there's space for you to be their mealtime companion.

It's a pretty easy question to ask if someone catches lunch outside the office or at their desk.

Give them the break they need by arranging an informational casual lunch and you get a chance to break bread and get to know them much better and grow closer, maybe even part of the family

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