A Sign With Teeth

May 15, 2018

 A Sign With Teeth

Employees wash hands before returning to work, use caution, speed limit 35, one car per green, yellow light before red, and a myriad of other signs let us know they're a good idea and maybe we're even subject to injury, death or fines if we choose to ignore them.

Recently I came across a different kind of Do Not Enter sign.

What made it different was the 13 foot high fence and the barbed wire with additional razors thrown in for good measure.

It was sending a message that this was not a suggestion, it was an order.

We don't have too many of those signs in our lives, particularly when we could use them most. In our day to day lives we could use a few more signs that remind us our very lives and livelihoods are in jeopardy; caution excessive doughnuts will give your veins the viscosity of the jelly inside this doughnut, look out one more drink is going to be the end of your marriage, a car accident, and financial ruin, stay tuned to goofing off instead of working, will lead to less success than you want, and repeated excuses for not doing what you should be doing only lead to frustration.

You can come up with more of your own and use them as you like.

The key is to see the signs in ourselves that will keep us from performing at our very best and visualize how to overcome them.

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