Your Favorite Charity

May 22, 2018

Your Favorite Charity

You've hopefully had the time, money, or talent to donate this year to your favorite charity. Make sure your planning includes how you're going to give this year.

Giving is living happier!

I don't say that because I run a nonprofit that pays me. Research has repeatedly shown being generous with your money will help your feelings of wellbeing and happiness. Researchers at the University of Zurich measured brain activity and found even pledging money made people happier.

It's also been shown to have broader health benefits as well. In older people, generosity tracking showed a lower number of prescriptions overall and lower doses taken.

Another huge benefit of planning your giving is that you don't struggle with should I or shouldn't I when requests come up during the year. If you have a planned giving strategy, you already know you're carrying out that plan and can stay on course.

Your favorite charity will benefit and so will you!

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