No More Than 3 Things

May 24, 2018

No More Than 3 Things

Being a learner has its pitfalls.

In the pursuit of learning, sometimes you can let the volume of content outweigh putting it into practice or reinforcement of a direction you started to go and then got distracted from.

It's happened to me repeatedly throughout the years in the many ways I absorb content through videos, audiobooks, seminars, articles, and books.

My best learning comes when I digest content a little slower than light speed and I do something very intentionally.

Before I start and after I finish a session, whether it be an hour or two days, I review what piece I can specifically use.

In longer seminar sessions I've learned to limit the fifty or one hundred things I want to do to no more than three things because I won't get fifty to one hundred things done.

I can get three things done very effectively and so can you.

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