Shaun Irwin

"Shaun Irwin was our keynote presenter at Northern Insurance Agency Alliance meeting in November. Shaun inspired our whole group when he gave us real live examples from his book 'Convertible Referrals'. If you are looking for an inspiring speaker for your employees Shaun and Convertible Referrals is the perfect match."

Jerry Hendrickson
Security-Victor Insurance Agency

"I loved Convertible Referrals."


"I met Shaun through a personal referral from my friend Ron Boudreaux. The guy is as down to earth and genuine as anyone I have come in contact with in my 40 years in the insurance business. This book is Shaun Irwin. Simply put, by being yourself and using your gifts of time, talent and treasure you will be a success in life and in business. Shaun lays it all out in the book!!! Great work Shaun!!!"

Dwight D. Vondra
(Amazon.com review)

"I loved convertible referrals."


"Shaun's passion for referrals and strategies has made a huge difference not only in my business, but in all the people that he's touched."

Cheri LeSeur

"Convertible Referrals is a small book with a big punch. Easy-to-read, it is filled with ideas and strategies that every person in the business world needs to know. Shaun Irwin's stories and examples show what a successful referral network looks like."

Audrey Thomas
Organized Audrey
(Amazon.com review)

"Shaun has taken his own personality and competitive advantage and laid it all out for you here to implement. It's not often you get a look behind the curtain at a system used by one of the best. You'd do well to pay attention and develop your own system using Shaun's words as a guide."

Joe Hagan
Freedom Through Systems

"I made a comment many years ago about learning that Shaun grabbed onto and has since lived by. Learning makes us better leaders in our business, better friends, better for our families and better people. Take the time to learn from Shaun and you'll be enhanced in all these ways too."

Dave Hatzung
President, Hatzung Insurance

"At a time in my life when I was scared and in transition, Shaun armed and mentored me with skills to find my way. It's easy to help people when one sees immediate impact but it's life changing when one helps unconditionally as a part of their DNA. A true servant heart and abundant gratitude are the gifts I hope you'll learn from Shaun."

Cheri Charboneau
National Accounts/University of Phoenix

"This book was perfect for this topic of Referrals. It was a very easy read and hit on the subject better than I have seen. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone in business and understands the importance of a program for attracting referrals."

Russ Castle
(Amazon.com review)

"Shaun Irwin understands relationships intuitively better than 95% of the people I meet. Now he's laid it out here for you to understand and take advantage of his expertise. It's my pleasure to be able to tell you to get all you can from this book so your relationships provide dividends for you and others."

Don Phin
HR That Works

"It's exciting to me that Shaun is releasing this book. When I came to my position I was deeply committed and passionate about the cause but needed leaders to show me how to connect better with the community. Shaun has been an incredible mentor and supporter of me personally and the Cookie Cart's growth and mission."

Matt Halley
Executive Director, Cookie Cart

"Nothing is as satisfying for me as seeing a coaching client succeed. Shaun's done that and more. He's taking something that he's personally gifted at and sharing it with you just like he's shared it countless times with our members. If you're smart, you'll read the book. If you're really smart, you'll start doing what Shaun outlines immediately."

Michael Jans
President, Agency Revolution

"Shaun Irwin has captured in a nut shell what building a career on relationships is all about; loyalty, trust, friendship and mutual giving. Thank you Shaun for reminding me what makes being in business so fun in the first place."

Steve Conrad
(Amazon.com review)

"I've watched Shaun grow his business from zero to a Super Producer. He's always been willing to share but it's great to have the manual now to continue to grow our business to be even stronger."

Russ Castle
Insurance by Castle

"Eyes open, ears peeled back to listen, thinking about others first. Sounds simple but very few people live it with the energy and passion the way Shaun has been able to throughout his career. Lots of people talk a good game when it comes to referrals. If you want to learn how to play above the rim, listen to Shaun and implement what he's sharing with you."

Thomas Barton

"In my eyes Shaun has been a leader in referral marketing for over twenty years. He knows how to consistently build business and help others build their businesses through referrals. Listen to Shaun's valuable insights and apply his techniques and I believe your business will prosper as well."

Robert Laue
Attorney, Christensen and Laue, P.A.

"I've admired, for many years, the way Shaun has honed his system and business building through referrals. The key difference for me is his responsiveness, gratitude, and willingness to help, whether it means direct business for him or not."

Dan Hughes
Summit Mortgage

"Convertible Referrals offers great practical advice for building meaningful connections, both professionally and personally. Applying Shaun's ethos of gratitude makes networking seem a more enjoyable and less daunting task for those of us less gifted in people skills. Convertible Referrals will change the way you think about doing business."

Liz Margl
(Amazon.com review)

"One of the greatest life lessons I have learned is that it is ok to listen to people who know more than I do about a given subject and run with it! Following Shaun's advice, gleaned from years of outperforming his peers and competitors, will lift you ever closer to your dreams. I stay ahead of the competition by committing to learn successful strategies from great professionals like Shaun Irwin!"

Mike Stromsoe
The Unstoppable Profit Producer

"Shaun's energy and enthusiasm for helping others is contagious. Follow his lead and you'll find people wanting to help you succeed in ways you've only imagined."

Robert Klas, Jr.
Tapemark Company

"In the time I've known Shaun he's always been genuinely interested in people and helping them. Now he's willing to help you too. Listen carefully and implement fanatically so you can jumpstart your life and career."

Phil Riedel
Atrix International